Tuesday, May 21, 2013

If you're reading this than please take a moment and hold within your hearts those who have been impacted by the recent Tornadoes.  

Many have been describing the aftermath as similar to a "war zone". While yes it's fitting...the major difference is that this war zone couldn't be prevented. The power of Mother Nature is truly uncontrollable and Tornadoes are unstoppable. 

What is controllable however is...how Man chooses to live his life.
What is stoppable is...the unnecessary loss of life.

I found myself becoming very angry yesterday...not at Nature...but at Man. Sometimes life prevents foreknowledge, but that wasn't the case yesterday. And had Man put aside the bullshit, changed course and focused on Life rather than Death...many things would have been different. 

We have the technology, the capability and the means (and yes I know insert the Six Million Dollar Man Theme here) to provide safe shelter in times of need. School children shouldn't have to huddle in a hallway and "pray"...they should have a shelter to run to and wait it out. 

We have underground bunkers etc. for Adults to go and hide out (anyone who doesn't believe that is a Dumbass)...what makes their lives more valuable than a Child's? The US government can spend Billions of dollars on War, send billions overseas...but when it comes to truly helping in times of Natural Disasters here at home...they do little more than "Immediate Lip Service". Don't believe me...ask the people of New Orleans, or Hurricane Sandy's victims, or wait a year or so and ask the victims of the Tornadoes.

I wrote earlier about how Jung was right when he said people will do anything no matter how absurd NOT to have to (look at, know, face) their Souls...and sadly for Mankind he was dead on. Einstein's definition of insanity was dead on also as it truly is insane to do the same shit over and over and expect a different result...just as it is to try and solve a problem by the same means that created it.

The only way shit is ever going to change...is by Changing Ourselves.

No it's not easy...but truth is if you want easy than keep being a Pet, Pod or Sheeple. That's why it is so easy for those types...because it allows those who don't want change to prevent it from happening. Keep them content in their pens and they'll never look outside to question if the pen is a good thing or not.

Sorry Guys...a Pen is a Pen...nothing more nothing less and if you're "in" one you'd better start questioning...because the assumption that ALL value LIFE is becoming just that an...Assumption. 

This is like a side note I guess...
but one that shows "much" about how people are in these times.  

When I got up this morning I did what I normally don't (turned on the news) so that I could find out if more had been found etc. Now while The Weather Channel was covering the Tornadoes, I found that other stations (news stations) were busy covering the sentencing aspect of the Jodi Arias trial (and yea I had to look up the broads name).

Humm ok seriously??? Who gives a fuck about that twit? 
Oh wait I know...ones who didn't learn the obvious lesson from the days of the Coliseums. 

That way of Life sure worked out well now didn't it? Proved to be an Everlasting, Worthwhile way for society to Flourish huh?

Lessons NOT Learned are Doomed to be Repeated

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