The above are the words I wished for my Mother upon her passing Oct. 2nd 2009. She had a very long and painful battle with Cancer, but thankfully passed quietly during the night. She left home with her husband by her side, knowing that she was loved and would see him again. For that I'll always be grateful.

Mothers life wasn't always easy, and she had mentioned more than once that seeing the graveyard from her window where her family (mother, daughter, son, etc.) lay buried was sometimes too much. While she let us know that she had passed safely there are moments in this life where I can understand what she felt...even without a window.


The picture above symbolizes a very special tradition that my Daughter and her Grandmother shared for many years before her passing on Feb 1st 2011. Grammys hard-boiled eggs were (and shall remain) something special, and shows that a simple action can create a lifetime memory.


Miss Stripers

June 11th, 2011

After blessing our lives for over 12 yrs..."The Baby Of This Here Family" began a new journey. She was a tough old broad who made it known that she was just that, even in her last moments in this lifetime. While her form has now changed her place within this family and in our hearts it was, is and shall always be. She like the two above had Cancer to battle and like my Mother lost that battle...but she did so fighting. We were shown in many ways that she's guided along this new journey, and that she knows that this will always be home.



 On Dec. 5th 2015 my Sister joined our Mother, Sister and Brother in Heaven. Where I'm sure they're all raising a bit of hell. I know she was guided by not only them but her beloved dog Zeus. Her passing was done quietly in her sleep which was a blessing.


 On June 14th 2016 a decision was made that changed more than one life...


On a Tuesday afternoon my daughters father, my ex-husband (husband of 30 yrs)  finished his list of to do's and then committed suicide. That act showed that within, there was a lot of pain and sadness. Obviously more than he could handle while here on Earth. Unfortunately for those left behind there's a great deal of pain, confusion, questions, anger, etc. that we're now left to handle.

His journey here has now ended and
"Where sadness and darkness once lived, may only love and peace now exist."


January 21st, 2017

On this day I became the last surviving member of my family (my daughter excluded).

Hopefully her broken Soul will find peace.


 January 31st 2002

The Eldest of my Mothers children death was due to Drugs. Truthfully she was rarely happy being here, so hopefully with her passing came peace. 



June 7th, 2006

Mothers only Son suddenly passed away. Hopefully there's a party going on and he's enjoying the hell out of it.



May 5th, 2017

Our little man is now Chillin out with his Sister. From the first moment on Halloween with the tug at his Sisters sleeve he Blessed our family and we'll be eternally grateful for that. Besides how could we not fall in love with our Little No Tail Bunny Butt?



Oct. 9th, 2017

After a long and painful illness and an even longer period of bullshit from the family...Dad has finally found peace. The "Thank You" he gave me was one of the most honest ones I've ever gotten. I know that in keeping a promise to Mother he went through hell but he kept it and that says a lot about the man.  

The words of wishing given to Dad were simple.."In heaven there's an endless supply of Porkies, Beer, Smoke and Mother's time to party Dad!"