My Spiritual Beliefs...

My awakening to life being far more than the day to day happened at an early age. As a young child I was awakened in the middle of the night by a voice calling my name and when I looked out the window I saw...4 Guides standing in a Circle. From that night until this moment I've traveled through this life knowing it was a journey filled with many things both light and dark, and that many were (and are) too afraid to see that truth...so it could (and has been at times) a lonely journey. But only by seeing can one truly walk the path of a Souls Journey. 

I believe and honor many things...

The Circle
The true meaning of life, a symbol that all things are connected and a sacred place.

Ones who light the way upon the path with...wisdom, love, and when needed a shove. They come in many ways (form, dream, insight, etc.) and many shapes (human, animal, plant, star, etc.)

There are many forms (both departed ones and otherwise) with which we can communicate if we choose to listen.

They not only showed strength and wisdom in life, but continue doing so to this day.

Many things are thought to be of little truth or importance until the moment it becomes too late to have a say in. The wise question as truth expects it, whereas the foolish accept blindly.

Source of Creation
While man thinks he knows the Source of Creation, and thinks himself to be the greatest creation...he is but only one of "uncountable" creations. And the unwillingness to accept that prevents any true knowing of the Source of Creation by many.