I've written many poems over the years (under MyLadyCougra and Lady) and tho this one was many years ago it remains one of my favorites.

A Souls Journey

A taste of the future a glimpse of the past,
A lost soul cries how long will this journey last
The path is long and twisted as hell
The weary soul looks longingly for a safe place to dwell

Wisdom of old with meaning of ages
The soul’s answers are within the time worn pages
The words are faded, weathered by time
The message is unclear for its written in rhyme

The lessons are many often carried on the wind
The soul remains steady though wishes to bend
Answers will be found hidden within a star
But the soul still wonders who the true teachers are

The soul rides the winds through time and through space
But often dreams of a long since forgotten place
Along the journey many are lost but a rare few are found
But with those who show true for an eternity they are bound

For the soul does not know nor understands why
But feels with its heart and begins to cry
The past and the future must become as one
But the soul is unknowing of the final outcome


 Corner of Darkness 

 The corner beckons my soul
yet I know nothingness is it's goal

How can I can fight without a way
as loneliness guides each breaking day

There is no reason nor truth to see
when the mirror only reflects me

Time may speak in coming years
but it knows it's taken what I hold dear

So here I stand looking at that corner over there
Forever listening to the words... if you dare


My Winged One

As my eyes gently close my soul begins to slowly drift upward
Gliding softly among the stars I feel the warmth of a silver cord
The soul knows where it’s going as its traveled there before
It’s a place of pleasure that brings with it the need for more

With soft clouds gently kissed by a breathtaking glow of sunset
Where the stillness of the winds causes the soul within to forget
There amongst the beauty stands one of greatness yet understood
Within whose arms of desire and comfort I’d remain if only I could

His soul glows brighter then the stars that gently frame his world
My breath is quickened by the sight of his golden wings unfurled
The knowing that soon I’ll be held within causes the body to long
His touch has a grace unseen before but with caresses that are strong

My body gives without questioning knowing of pleasures soon to be
These sensations felt before, the height of which never to this
As scents swirl around my body begins to respond to the feel of his
My passion rises as the need to become one with him is all there is

His strong wings enclose me within, as the moans softly escape me
At the moment of pure release my soul begins to wish for more to be
When daylight begins to shine its rays it brings with it the time to depart
He has fulfilled not only my fantasies but for a moment, my empty heart


Treasured Chalice

From the kingdom of gold was written a decree
Those below shall serve unto me
No desires unfulfilled in this life or past
The servants of old now wonder how long it shall last

They wondered allowed if words that echoed may have been in haste
But knew for certain that the queens damage that nite was of true waste
Neither rhyme nor reason shall ever be given
But from the darkness they found secrets long since hidden

The wishes were granted unselfishly until
The servants no longer were granted free will
The words that were spoken were laced with malice
More that eve was broken then the courts treasured chalice



The shade of blue strongly intensifies each time it passes by
Bringing with it the longing, the hope, the sheer desire to die

The deepening pain grows within consuming all in its path
Yet it could be solved forever in a moment by current in a bath

Or by thoughts of an impact sudden and quickly delivered by speed
Remaining here overtaken by the pain is something no longer of need

The sweet sight of blood as it glides down the body and onto the floor
Brings with it feelings of happiness as it hears the sound of a closing door

Ramblings in the mind lend themselves to thoughts of a cruel a joke
As the taste of the liquid burns and causes the throat to choke

The teacher’s words of wisdom and knowledge are empty and wrong
Playing tricks on the mind and soul by means of a haunting song

As all seems confused there’s one thought holding strong and true
The end will soon come to ease the pain colored a deep shade of blue


Midnite Stroll

The sound of her footsteps as she crosses the street
Brings her back to thoughts of just whom she’ll meet
Each night she walks these streets waiting for the one
It could be someone’s mother, father, or even a son

The thought of the kill begins to make her blood rush
How many had screamed only to hear her whisper hush
No pleading or begging would ever prevent that to be
As nothing was going to stop her from her nightly spree

With each one she took down something inside relaxed
Even more than the first time, the one that was axed
Everyone was different as there’s many ways of pleasure
The depths of her rage was deeper than any could measure

To many dismissed when she had warned of what would be
They didn’t have time to listen, didn’t have the eyes to see
Had they given what little she truly needed, there’d be no more
But once again her words gained her silence, her pleas ignored

So just as in the past the rage returned to burn through her soul
Relief she only felt those minutes each night on her midnite stroll
No longer did she care of those whose lives were spent in the light
Nor what some believed to be wrong or what they thought was right

There would be no end, no stopping that which had begun again
Only the thoughts that plagued her each day of not how but when
As each drew their last breath and slowly drifted away, she smiled
If only they had realized this had always been, even as a small child

This was the only way she had ever known, it was how she’d survived
Some could not imagine the sense of pleasure, but on this she thrived
She had tried to find the goodness and love that so many had preached
But it was no where to be found, even though she had often reached

There was feeling when looking within the eyes of those who had lied
Each of those that had spoken of light and love were among those who died
She couldn’t help thinking that had they only proven that which they said
That maybe she’d be among the living, instead of the walking with the dead

So again like many night’s that had come before she walks the darkened street
With only one thought… will tonight’s be one of those whose blood taste sweet

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