They haven't always been, tho for some it may seem to be
So you have to ask...what does it mean for you and me?

Let's start with one that suits my wicked sense of humour...
"The Wiccans Are Coming"

Beautiful Sky

15 mins later

Tic Tac Toe Anyone?

Are you sure don't wanta play?

We could play vertically?

How about horizontally?

Need a lesson on how to make an "X"?

I don't have an eraser so how about I mark over yours

Seems playing at night is fun

Aww look it's Freddy Krueger day

Damn and I thought only Jack knew where the treasure was buried.

For some this may mean that Zorro's been here, but for us it means...
"Z" for Stripers.

Seriously...anyone know a damn Pirate, or at least have a cell phone to ring these twits and tell them that they can stop repeating this as no one's going to dig damn it.

"Hey Look Ma"...I think I'm a Rocket Ship.

 I'm before...
 And I'm after

 Ok poetry and comedy aside...all one need do is look up. Honestly it's that simple. What exists now has not always, and should be questioned.

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