Friday, May 31, 2013

So how was your day?

Mine began by having to take an injured cat to the local shelter...would have taken to the Vet if not for two things. 

1. I tried to take her last night when I first saw the injury...only the local Animal Hospital that has hours up until 12 midnight could only make me an appointment for mid morning today. (Gotta love how they were open for at least 6 hours from the time I called and another3 and a half this morning...but were tooooooooo fuckin busy???)

2. Seeing as I'm NOT a fuckin PET or POD I'm not blessed, and that unfortunately also includes in the financial department. (Oh but those poor poor PETS and PODS, able to take Vacations, buy all the Newest Gadgets, etc.)

So trust me as one who Respects and Honors our Animal Family...and does the best I can to help...not being able to Pissed Me The Fuck Off today!

Then I made the fuckin mistake of having to go to Walmart...not my first choice, but seeing as they have our Vegan butter for 2 bucks cheaper...I had to. So thinking I'd be smart I also order the lawn fertilizer that I needed and "thought" it would be an easy and quick pick up. Fuck No. By the time I was done I had taken the orders for 3 people and told the dumbass to grab them all at once seeing as it was taking 3 fuckin females to find pictures. (I did get Thanked however by everyone for speaking up...which I appreciated). 

So after the clusterfuck in Walmart I proceeded to the grocery store (no big deal there), but upon leaving 3 fuckin idiots almost hit me by trying to cut through instead of going to the end of the isle to turn. At which point after scaring the last one (trust me I'm vocal when fuckin pissed...duh huh?), I unloaded my cart and place the damn thing right in the way so NO ONE could cut through. Not something I'd do normally but I made up for it by running over and moving a cart and a car seat (gotta love just leaving shit in the parking lot as trash for someone else to pick up) so that a gentleman could park the elderly lady in the vehicle in the shade seeing as it was in the 90's today(once again I was thanked and it was appreciated).

Then while leaving the lot a woman was crossing from the store and some dumb ass fuckin male proceeded to try to run into her (a male has gotta have what he wants when he wants it) which I yelled out the window at his dumb ass "Chivalry isn't dead you just never had it did you fuckhead"

Wanta know my bitch about's the same as every other day...

I'm a BITCH...I will be the first to tell you that trust me, but I work both sides (light and dark) therefore I can be nice as hell, or mean as hell...but at NO fuckin time am I Self Fuckin Centered and I'm fed up with everyone else being such!

I can guarantee you that at some fuckin point this weekend someone is going to whine to my ass about how hard life is for them...while being either a PET, POD or an Enabler of. 

So trust me that question above of how was your day...isn't one someone wants me to either ask them, or answer.

As a side not so to speak here...

I think it's important to add that there was guidance prior to today. Another black cat showing (as one leaves another comes to fill the spot), having a neighbors dog carrier (as I no longer have anything like that) and talk of the shelter lately. 

So why add that there was guidance or synchronicity or whatever one wishes to call it associated with this moment in the day? 

Easy...because far too many believe in such but "only" when it suits them, and they only listen when it's something they "want" to hear. Bitch is...that's NOT how it works. 

This year has seen more than one moment where a message has been given that personally I'd rather not have heard to be honest. But again NOT how it works. We hear the message being given (as it's being given for a reason), we face the message...and do the best we can with it. As mad as this made me (as unfair as it may or may not have been), not facing wouldn't have been the right thing to do. I just wish more who say they believe...would actually walk the talk. Whether that walk is in a park, or through the depths of hell...just actually walking is beneficial to the Soul.

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