Soul Wisdom

*Listen carefully to the words you hear and ask yourself*
*After the ad of course...*

Do your ears hear...

Do your eyes see...

Does your heart feel...

Wisdom grows through experience, but is born from within the Soul.


"It will seem like time is going faster and faster. The Elders advised us that, as things speed up, you yourself should slow down. The faster things go, the slower you go. Because there's going to come a time when the earth is going to be shaken a third time".

Lee Brown, Cherokee


"To turn this around, we need to go back to the earth and live with the earth spiritually."

Floyd Red Crow Westerman


 For it is when something is broken that the greatest healing takes place

John Two Hawks


"If we wonder often, the gift of knowledge will come."


"When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us."


“Be who you want to be, not what others want to see.” 




"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."


Life is and will ever remain an equation incapable of solution, but it contains certain known factors.

 Nikola Tesla


"Silence is the mother of truth, for the silent man is ever to be trusted, while the man ever ready with speech was never taken seriously."  

Luther Standing Bear



"Treat the earth well,

It was not given to you by your parents,

It was loaned to you by your children"


As things speed up, you yourself should slow down.

The faster things go, the slower you go.


Life must be lived forward, but it can only be understood backward

Soren Kierkegaard 


"Sacred sites and areas are protection for all people the four colors for man and these sites are in all areas of the earth in the four directions."

Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne


I'll be honest I don't do the whole Lone Ranger and Tonto deal (for various reasons) and I corrected some of the wording (Native Americans do speak in complete sentences ty).

With that said...the following has something very wise within it.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto went camping in the desert. After they got their tent all set up, both men fell sound asleep. Some hours later...

Tonto wakes the Lone Ranger and says, "Kemo Sabe, look towards sky...what do you see?"

The Lone Ranger replies, "I see millions of stars."

"What does that tell you?" asked Tonto.

The Lone Ranger ponders for a minute then says,

'Astronomically speaking, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets."

"Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo."

"Time wise, it appears to be approximately a quarter past three in the morning."

"Theologically, the Lord is all-powerful and we are small and insignificant."

"Meteorologically, it seems we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. "

"What's it tell you, Tonto?"

"That you're dumber than buffalo shit...someone stole the tent!"

Wisdom and Truth are found in many places...including the obvious and simplistic. And sometimes those who speak loudly of wisdom aren't the ones who truly hold it within.


The penalty good men pay for their indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.




"Indian policy" has now been brought down upon the American people, and the American people are the new Indians of the 21st Century. Getting rid of family farmer and the family rancher, subsidizing the farms and getting them to become dependent on the government, that's "Indian policy"

Russell Means


"You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight into our hearts.
Speak Americans.. I will not lie to you; do not lie to me."



When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.

Cree Prophecy


"Be careful with your words. Once they are said they can only be forgiven...not forgotten."


When you are in doubt be still and wait

When doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage.
So long as mists envelops you, be still

Be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists

and it surely will.

Then act with courage.

Ponca Chief White Eagle


"Mother Earth is a "Source of Life...not a Resource"

Chief Arvol Looking Horse


“Man is the most insane species.

He worships an invisible God and

Slaughters a visible Nature

Without realizing this Nature he slaughters

Is this God he worships.”

Hubert Reeves


May the stars carry your sadness away,

May the flowers fill your heart with beauty,

May hope forever wipe away your tears.

And above all, may silence make you strong.

Chief Dan George


The Creator gathers all the animal and says:

    ‘I want to hide something from humans until they are ready for it ...

the realization that they create their own reality.’

    ‘Give it to me. I’ll fly I to the Moon,’ says the Eagle.
    ‘No, one day soon they will go there and find it’

    ‘How about the bottom of the ocean?’ asks the Salmon.
    ‘No, they will find it there too’

    ‘I will bury it in the great plains,’ says the Buffalo.
    ‘They will soon dig and find it there.’

    ‘Put it inside them,’ says the wise Grandmother Mole.
    ‘Done,’ says the Creator. ‘It is the last place they will look.’

    Native American Legend

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