Saturday, March 16, 2013

Anyone who knows me knows that I can talk a lot (on the phone included), so you would think that I would have a cell phone surgically attached to me...and yet I don’t. And here's the reason...

The damn things are turning people into Self-Centered Mindless Idiots.

Here's today's example...

I'm standing in line at the Library behind a woman talking on her phone while being helped at the counter. How does that make her a Self-Centered Mindless Idiot? Easy...

First off it was at a LIBRARY! I don't know about anyone else but as one who has literally been in a library from the age of 5 (on a weekly if not more basis), one of the FIRST rules learned was to behave quietly.

Secondly it's RUDE to be asking someone to help you and to ignore them while they are trying to do so.

Thirdly to top off the above common sense behavior that a woman of her age should have been taught (she was NOT a teenager), at the counter in plain sight was a sign that read "Please finish your phone conversation before reaching the counter"!!!

Now one could say that possible this twit didn't see the sign...sadly she even pointed out AFTER she concluded her phone call that..."Sorry, I saw the sign but this call was important". She could have just as easily taken the call outside and when finished then gotten in line, yet instead deemed herself more important and that damn cell phone so vital to her very breath that she put herself and her wants above everyone and everything else.

I think what pissed me off the most today was I had just written the piece below about how what one thinks is benign...more often than not ISN'T. They ALL seem to think that somehow, for some unknown reason...they are ABOVE all. This shit is well organized, widely implemented...and most definitely achieving the desired result. I don't know about other countries...maybe people are different...but I live here and I know that more and more they're becoming air suckers.

Nothing More...Nothing Less

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