Thursday, March 14, 2013

All things are energies, and energies react and interact...for most that's pretty basic right? Wrong...while it's thought to be understood, the truth of it isn't...and that's the problem.

Take for instance you come into contact with a "negative" person simply by being around that person there's an interaction/exchange of energy with you. If that person says or thinks something negative and words and thoughts are energy, there is an interaction/exchange of energy. Be touched by or touch something that person has touched again an interaction/exchange of energy.  The above applies whether you've been in physical contact or simply occupied the same space as the person (a room recently left, etc.)

Lets take it a step All is energy the same principles apply even to what is believed to be benign. Cell phones, Video games, Social networks, Music, TV etc. are all thought to be harmless...but are they truly? If All is energy, than there has to be an interaction/exchange of even what is believed to benign correct? 

If an interaction/exchange has occurred and there was nothing done to remove or transmute energy...than it simply continues on via you. If one willingly forgets or seeks out energy they have either no understanding of or are dismissive of when it comes to its truth...again it merely continues on. 



While I talked about a specific event/person or areas in which most forget that the rule applies to, I failed to mention area that are just as important to think about...Everyday places/people. Honestly for most it's a bit easier to remember if it's obvious, but what if it's not? When you go shopping (Grocery store, Walmart, Target, Clothing, etc.) think of those around you, items that may have been touched, etc.  as residual energy will always be present. Also those you come into contact on a daily basis...same thing applies. 

Again a little less obvious sometimes, but no more less important (in fact sometimes even more so) to keep in mind. 

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