Friday, June 10, 2011

Today has been a day to say the least. It began by taking Stripes to see a Specialist, who unfortunately gave me the news that she has a very aggressive form of Cancer. He said that if we tried surgery he wasn't sure if she'd make it thru the surgery in her current state, and if she did due to the aggressiveness of the Cancer she'd be disfigured at best. As she's the baby of the family, prolonging her journey here in any state other than healthy and happy isn't something I'm going to do. She deserves to leave this life in a peaceful way, so tonight will be her last night here in physical form. I took her to my Vet and got her a pain shot, and she's been treated to Tuna, Snackums, etc. (on my bed no less)...and Lots and Lots of Love.

Actually I should back up a bit by saying the day started off by Black Widow showing while I was looking for Stripes (who was in the closet), and as she's the weaver of fate it started the day. Throughout the day there have been numerous signs showing that she'll be taken care of when she leaves her tomorrow.

Two poodles (white toy, black mid size), the two types of dogs that my Mother (who passed from Cancer) owned in her lifetime here.
Butterfly showed this morning and immediately upon returning home (again associated with my Mother).
A black and white cat with the same type of markings as one we lost when I was younger (BlackJack).
I was greeted this morning by 7 Dragonflies (change).
Today is Grammys birthday (or would have been)
And the numbers 11, 111, etc. have showed All day.

So while it's been a very upsetting day, it's also shown as I said...that she'll be guided well tomorrow. It's also shown something very uncomforting...which I'll write more about later once I digest it abit.

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