Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sometimes The Battle Is Lost...

Our Little Lady found herself in a battle that wasn't going to be won. The quickness and aggressiveness by which the Cancer was growing was such that little could be done to battle it.

Where once upon a time the "C" word was unfortunately it's become as easily spoken as "Goodbye". In this life I've lost many to it (Mother, Grandmother, Aunts, etc.)...and now our Stripers. Maybe one day Man will get a clue and get over himself and realize that there's so much that can be accomplished to be proud of...rather than so little that holds great shame.

Maybe One Day...
the battle will be one that nobody has to fight


This orignal posting had photos showing the battle against the aggressive cancer that our lady was in a losing battle with. They were shared in the hopes that others would wake up to the battles that we all face (including those of our families who are not human). Unfortunately ever day I see that humans not only have little to no respect for themselves, but even less for the creatures we're blessed to share this planet I've removed them.

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