Friday, May 20, 2011

Are you a Stupid or a Smart Frog?

I read an article that truthfully should be shared on my Environmental page, but I wanted to link so that not just it, but more was read. And before anyone gets the whole "Like O.M.G. a how is a magazine (made of paper) like environmental blah blah blah" attitude going...stop and think about how trying to make this an "ALL OR NOTHING" action is harming the cause. Humans are not given to taking the hard road, especially when the easier one not only exists (but is right next to) the only way we're going to change things (and NO I don't mean the lame assed empty "change" used by someone we all know) is by each person "doing" something. voice may be but a whisper, but multiple voices become a scream.

Anyway...the article "Colin Beavan: Advice From an Accidental Activist" by Colin Beavan ( ) located on had within it a parable of

"Two Frogs"...

Two frogs—one very smart and one very stupid—are caught in a bowl of cream. The sides are too steep to climb and they have no foothold to jump. The stupid one begins to swim as hard and fast as he can. The smart one looks over and says to himself, “He’s too stupid to know that all that effort will make no difference.”

Having weighed the hopelessness of the situation, the smart one decides that the most intelligent thing is to give up. So—Blub!—he drowns. The stupid one keeps trying. Just when his legs are about to give out the cream starts to get thicker. His struggling has churned the cream to butter. He’s surprised to find himself on solid ground. He jumps out. By stupidly pursuing the first step (swimming), the second step (jumping out) appeared, as if by magic.

So now which Frog would you rather be? Hopefully it's the smart one and you hop over to YES! magazine and read not only the full article (trust me worth the time), but more than just that one. More importantly take a step...just one and see where it leads you. Sometimes the "easier" road is merely mirage.

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