Monday, June 20, 2011

Couponing is something that I've done long before it was the "in" thing to do. I know to some it's not something that they're willing to do...but for those of us that do we know that alittle time and effort can save money. Here's an example of todays trip to CVS and Walgreens...

At Walgreens...
Ben Gay x3 at 3.99 (5.99)
Zantac 10.99

Non Sale Cost = 28.96
On Sale Cost = 22.96

Coupon Total = 17.00

Final Cost = 5.96
At CVS...
Pantene x2 6.97 (3.00)
Green Frutis x 2 5.00 (2.98)
Planters x2 5.00 (2.38)
5 hour x2 10.00 (1.78)
Revlon Nail Polish 4.99 (.50)
Intuition Shaver 8.99 (2.30)
Garnier Brush x2 10.00 (4.58)
Garnier Cleanser 5.00 (2.29)

Non Sale Cost = 75.76
On Sale Cost = 55.96

Coupon Total = 22.00

Final Cost = 33.96 + 18.00 in ECB's

Today's trip cost me almost $40 bucks total for approximately $79 (on sale) or $104.72 (non Sale price)...and that's not counting the $18 in ECB's (essentially electronic cash bucks) that I can apply to my next shopping trip at CVS.


while I'm all for couponing there is an aspect that's currently happening (both on tv and in real life situations) that I'm NOT for...Extreme Couponing.

What's being shown on tv (for the most part) isn't people responsibly using coupons for themselves (saving money) and/or others (donations, etc.)'s Assholes with Mental Issues (Hoarding, Compulsive Behaviour Disorder, Narcissism, etc.) who run to the store, clear the shelf and basically are giving the "One Finger" salute to everyone else who might be able to use the product (with or without a coupon).

Now I know some are going to say that my comment about having mental issues is harsh...get over's true. When a person buys an excessive amount (1200 rolls of toliet paper, 200 bags of chips, etc.) of anything with no "need" either for themselves (buying when what you have will last years and years) or others (as in donations)...hummm there's a mental issue (compulsive spending, hoarding, etc.)...period. And while it seems that ignoring "bad behaviour" and glorifying "mental issues" are the "in" thing to do in this time...both are (bluntly put) Fuckin Wrong to do.

We should think not just of Ourselves but Others, and Mental Issues should be addressed not ignored and/or rewarded. So...if you're a couponer speak up about the extreme couponers (they make those of us who do so responsibly look bad and take shit because of their behaviour) and if you're not, keep in mind that not All of us are like those people. Some of us are simply trying to save money in this time, and we're more than happy to share how we do that others can also.  

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