Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A day without dealing with Stupid people is like...
never mind I'll let you know "if" that ever happens. 

I have never used the word "stupid" so often in my life, as I have in the past few years. I have absolutely no issue with someone being ignorant (lacking knowledge of something), having a dumb moment (blonde or otherwise), or acting like a fool (acting with harmless child like innocence)...but when one exhibits true stupidity it annoys the hell out of me. Stupid is none of the above, it's a "Conscious Choice" made when one is either aware of or has readily available knowledge, fully capable of doing otherwise and acts without any thought other than self which has the (possibility and/or probability) of causing harm to another.

For example...the current Flu Season.

Instead of taking very basic easy actions (to prevent), applying common sense reactions to (should one get it), and understanding that it's a common occurrence (seasonal) etc...people are acting Stupid about it.

Everyone now wants a quick fix (flu shot), expect to be excused of any self responsibility (covering nose/mouth when sneezing/coughing, consistent hand washing, proper diet, etc), believe that it's reasonable to act as tho they have neither self responsibility (rest) nor social responsibility (isolating oneself if sick with), and are increasing perplexed and agitated by anyone pointing out that it's a common occurrence with all of those factors involved.

Ok...I'm sorry but that's Stupid to me. 

The Flu isn't new...it (in various strains) has been around for a long ass time and once upon a time it was common for only those (elderly, sick, serious existing health conditions, etc.) to receive it (administered by a physician) in an attempt to prevent any serious complications it might cause. Proper preventive care as well as proper responsive care were taught and it was very common to hear "Johnny had the flu" and life went on. 

We're biological and live in a biological world...we're going to find ourselves at odds with nature sometimes...it's Natural. Our bodies come equipped with immune systems for a reason and should be given the chance to do what it's meant to...prior to attempting to control without good reason (age, illness, etc.). 

When it's not given that chance you truly have to ask why

Where you once went to the store for food, you now go for Medications and Shots...hummm anyone really think there isn't a profitable reason versus a beneficial reason behind that? Anyone remember the whole H1N1 scare? Rather odd that a vaccine was available prior to that particular strain ever being present in nature (note I said "in" nature, not "natural"). And remember how hyped it was...the next Black Plague. Man can't predict the fuckin weather while standing out in the rain, but is able to predict, prepare and have a solution for something that doesn't exist???

Man was Created...Man was not the Creator.  

Man "can" create many things, but one must always ask "why" it was created. For the betterment of Mankind...or at the expense of? 

Being stupid isn't what one should strive to be...even if all around tell you it's a good thing...it's not. Stupid just doesn't wanta be alone, that way Stupid has someone other than self to blame...duh.



 affecting or tending to affect a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time.

 Population of New York State
19,465,197 - Jul 2011

The New York State Health Department released the latest data on the influenza epidemic in the state on Jan. 17. As of Jan. 12, week 2 of 2013, New York labs had confirmed 23,501 cases of influenza in the state.

Hummm ok I know that my math skills fuckin suck but damn...seems to me that the highly educated ones are sorely lacking in both word and math skills.

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