Sunday, May 6, 2012

Truth In Communication

Humans communicate by (sight, sound and written word), and most will tell you that communication is vital.

So here's the question ALL should be asking...
"If it's vital, yet is but lies...where then will that communication lead us?"

How much of what you read, see on tv or even get told by word of you believe? Are you believing based upon the facts and truth being present, or on some desire within to want to believe? What happens when after you've bought into it (expressed views, emotions, etc.) you find out that what you did so in was either a complete lie (frabrication) or was at best incomplete and intentionally slanted to present only one view point?

The (eyes, ears, mind and heart) all need to be questioning many things in this moment of existence. It's already been shown many times over that there are more lies than there are truths.

If we are willing to have little more than, than that's all we shall ever have.


Truth never fears being questioned as it always has the answer, and Lies fear nothing more than.