Sunday, January 29, 2017

I'm soooo Grateful for this part of the Journey being about the gift of Feeling. 

Oddly enough I wouldn't have thought that considering All that's happened in such a short time span. While there is without doubt many Negative Emotions being dealt with at the moment there are also just as many (if not more) Positive ones being felt. The other day is a prime example of both actually, and how if we act Human we can touch the Soul of another and they Ours. 

We were out shopping and were in the process of putting groceries in the truck, when a woman stopped to speak to us. My Precious (ever the Light) Daughter took that opportunity to compliment her on her Hijab. Truthfully it was beautiful as we had both noticed it in the store earlier.

She needed someone to talk to and touch. Tears formed in her eyes when she talked about people telling her she needed to "Go Home", or that her Blue eyed Blonde Daughter who also is Muslim was being told the same thing. How many were now showing such hatred towards her. During the conversation she kept reaching out to hold my hand, and at the end we all hugged. For those who know me I'm a very loving person, but Touch is an issue for me. But this Soul needed to touch so my issues weren't important. Here was a Beautiful woman, dressed Beautifully who people thought they had the right to make random, unjustified, hateful comments to needing to share that hell with another...and be reassured that not ALL are like that. 

Just those few moments in life allowed 3 Women to share and comfort...and for that I'm extremely Grateful. Being Empathic meant feeling her emotions (as well as hearing, seeing, etc.) and that truly was Soul touching.

She needed another to know the pain, and to show her Kindness rather than Hatred. We're in 2017 and that's what is happening??? I was born in the early 60's to a Southern family so through the years hearing and being taught Racist Harmful Words was a part of my Journey. But that path wasn't one I chose to walk...and it isn't one anyone should.My Daughter was raised to base your opinion on whats INSIDE the person. 

And that's how ALL should be. People need to FEEL the Fear, Pain, Etc of another. Maybe then they'd pause before being Fuckin Stupid!!!

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