Friday, June 19, 2015

Oh Where or where should I start? about with the Obvious...


That statement describes the vast majority of humans on the planet herself. If that wasn't a True Generalization than we wouldn't have the Wars, Human Abuse, Trashing of Mother Earth etc. that we Do have. Why? Because the fact is, that ALL of those and any and all (things, actions, etc. similar to or associated with) are harmful therefore wrong...and to willingly participate in is Stupid.

Seemingly not a difficult concept to grasp...but becoming a harder and harder one for most it seems.

Add to that the fact that humans are so fuckin easily lead by their own Egos that they'll Do and/or Allow almost long as it somehow makes them feel good. Ask them to Do when it's Not about them, or They aren't going to somehow gain by it...and see how fast it doesn't happen.

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