Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sooooooo...ever wonder what lurks behind a fence?

I made the mistake of "having" to ask that question one day...
(insert theme from Hoarders here)


8ft fences are awesome for privacy, but they're just as useful for hiding shit behind I found out. 

Not to mention having plants in just the right spots so that they're overgrown most of the year and keep it out of sight.

I've been dealing with this bullshit next door since the beginning of the year. So far all that's been taken care of is the above section of fence is now a bit straighter and removal of shit in the driveway...


That's it...almost 6 months and that's it.
There are Rats, Mice, Flies, Mosquitoes, etc. and you'd think for public safety that things would be taken care of in a more timely manner.  
But noooooo...cause see "they" have rights. 
It took over 2 months for the driveway, and we're 2+ months in on the back and you wouldn't believe the bullshit I've had to deal with just to get that. 

Lies, Denial, Threats, Drama, etc. etc. etc. 
(Didcha know that GOD is gonna get me for turning them in.)
Don't get me wrong I do understand that there's a mental health issue here, but I'm more concerned about the Fire and Health issue that is being put upon the rest of us by allowing this shit. And just because someone has an issue and/or most in society now would rather just (allow, ignore, or deny) rather than step up and do something...doesn't make it OK. 

Bloody Fuckin Hell...
No where is that shit back there OK, either for them or the rest of us! 


Well there might be a proper clean up done soon..what with her having a stroke and him dying.

 I've said before and I'll say again...


 Hopefully though...they will now straighten the fuck up and live like decent people!



They (approx 5-7 guys) did a clean up this weekend which in itself is Great but...
when they show up at 7 am Sat. and start breaking glass, banging metal etc. just a couple feet from my bed...yea pisses one off. That went on until after 5 pm. Sat. and then came Sunday morning. Listening to someone heaving (over the disgusting shit I'm gonna assume) and a chain sawing railing (again feet from my damn bed) meant I was once again up. Needless to say...Hoarder clean up lead to Migraine Weekend


Well the Migraine Weekend turned into (and trust this is NO exaggeration)...4 Months of Migraines (almost daily). I actually had to resort to getting medication from the Doctor for it. The entire summer was disrupted for myself and the other neighbors due to the continuous noise of clean up. But...the good that came from it is that it is now cleaned up and safe for the neighborhood.

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