Thursday, April 25, 2013

Definitions of two terms I've come to use quite often in this lifetime...


In this time you'll find many types of people, unfortunately not all are positive in their presence here. The "P" is interchangeable as to meaning either a singular (person) or plural (people), it all depends.


Person/People Obvious Devoid of Soul
POD like those portrayed in the movie Body Snatchers.

This type is one who either doesn't have a Soul or one whose personality has made a sudden and drastic change (without a justifiable catalyst).


Person/People Easily Turned Stupid
Person/People Easily Turned Servant

The stupid comes in for those who know within something but dismiss/ignore for whatever reasons that are given to them or they create within themselves to allow for some form of avoidance.

The servant describes those who follow blindly without questioning, when within something tells them they should be asking all kinds of questions. Not asking questions is believed to afford them some form of non-responsibility or safety.

Now while the above may seem derogatory it is nevertheless truthful, as well as being a simple and direct description as to what is occurring and being seen in this time. All but one of the above exists due to external stimuli and a choice from within. As it is from within only from within can a different choice be made. But in order for a positive outcome to must look at all the factors (reasons for choice and outside influence).

Bitch is trying to point that out to a PET (of either type) or a POD is like trying to tell a drug addict sitting in front of a table full of drugs why they're bad and shouldn't be taken. They do what they want to do, they are what they want to be...and there's nothing you can say or do to change that. The only thing you can do is when the moment comes (either instantly or over time)...remove yourself from their presence and them from yours.

That moment always has to. It's programmed within the choice they've made that if you're not one of, than you're either against or in need of being. Again not All are positive in this world, and none of the above have your best interests in mind or heart.

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