Monday, February 11, 2013

Something that has bothered me for quite some time now is how willing many are to stay asleep. Now don't get me wrong doing so is far easier than having to face the truth, but honestly the excuses they use are sad as hell. If you're awake tell me if you've ever heard any of these (or more) when it comes to someone who isn't awake being faced with the truth.

1. I'm too busy living life...(Really...just what kind of life do you think you're living, and more importantly...for Whom are you living that life?)

2. They would never do anything to harm us; they're going to take care of us...(Yea right...look to your true history and tell me that line of bullshit again.)

3. No One ever lies...(Ok seriously anyone who believes that someone who is power hungry and corrupt isn't going to lie is frankly a fuckin dumbass.)

4. I can't do anything I'm just one person, and the pack all says I should do what they're doing...(Hive mentality is awesome when you're an insect, but basically makes you little more than a herd of dumb animals when not).

5. All is as it should be as GOD is in control...(Yea and if you believe in THAT God than you also believe in THAT tell me again all is as it should be.)

6. As long as you believe everything is Rainbows and Lollipops "Spiritually", and that's what you think and act upon it's ALL good...(Then You're the Biggest Dumbass of All).

The only thing acting as if you're an Ostrich does is make that scared ass of yours an easier target. And I don't give a damn if you're asleep or if you're awake and want to be asleep or whether you're willing to take responsibility (after you're dead of course), I don't give a shit the fact IS... 

You're a BIG part of the problem in this time, just as big as those who are using humanity. 

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