Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Thoughts On Geronimo...

I was going to let this rest at what I'd written, but the level of (Disrespect, Dishonor and Ignorance) that is being expressed by "Mindless Pods" is truly pissing me off.

It's very simple...

The code name chosen was neither generic nor common, it was "very specific". The name Geronimo is unique and associated not with "something" but "someone", and had they chosen a name such as Malcolm X, Budda, Mohammad, or Jesus (also unique and associated with "someone") people would be losing their fuckin minds over it.

Why? Because it would have been fucking "Disrespectful" as hell.

Well the same holds true for fact even more so. Why? Because unlike those others he was a NATIVE AMERICAN. So all of the people so caught up in the "Honorable and Courageous" act associated with all of this bullshit, and who are "Sooooo Proud To Be An American" need to keep in mind something.

Would you have found it Disrespectful had they used J.F.K.'s name instead?
(seriously think about that one)

One can NOT be Honorable without Honor within...and the use of Geronimo's name wasn't an Honorable was a DIS-HONORABLE one.

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