You'll find through reading this blog that I'm a Strong Minded, Loving, Spiritual'll also find that I put things in a way that is very direct (hence the Strong Language Warning). What I share on here has meaning and is a part of this life in this time.

What you won't find however is what I deem Bullshit stuff. You know the whole mindless, useless "social media" crap. You won't find various pictures of myself because I don't do ego and I do understand energy quite well. You also won't see that I have hundreds of followers as I'm not into false friendship or ego boosting number counts. I also do not follow behind like a good little lamb. Why...because I'm not one, therefore I don't need a Shepard to tell me what "I" think.

You'll also find that I have a very obvious dislike and distaste for what I call "part-time spirituality". Frankly put if you want to walk that path than so be it, but know that it's not Spiritual it's Religious...and I don't do Religion. You either live it and walk it (with All it's ups and downs) or you don't baby...there is no part time to being Spiritual. 

Anything else can be found simply be reading through the pages...

I walk a Spiritual Path


I Am who I Am

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