Thursday, November 30, 2017

This is just one example of the stupid shit we're having to deal with on top of ALL of the Major Life events...

My neighbor started complaining that one of my cats (who has been here atleast 4 yrs.) is coming into her home and scaring both her and her Dog and Cat. Being neighborly and assuming a Friendship (lived here over 18 yrs) I suggested that she put a Cover over her Dog Door at night to prevent anyone from coming in and offered to pay for either a Physical Cover or an Electronic one. 

Here are her excuses for why she CAN'T cover her Dog Door at night...

Physical was an older door and she wouldn't be able to find a cover to fit

(BULLSHIT)...We could have found one or had one made. 

Electronic One...she went to the pet store with NO Measurements of either the Opening or the Dog and came back with one that obviously didn't work. Along with that was a concern that the tags would be to heavy for them. 

(BULLSHIT)...We found ones that were No bigger or Heavier than a normal tag and offered to have the door put in.

Her answer to the problem..."That cat needs to go" Humm...when pressed as to which one she couldn't tell me. It basically was a Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe...hum which is the Male? Ok it's Him

My cats have white on them (neck and belly) yet she claims over and over that it has No White on it. There was a new Black Cat brought into the neighborhood this Spring/Summer by the neighbor on the other side of her...but ignore that. 

How Fucked Up is it that rather than simply put a Cover over the Opening into her home, she wants the Cat/s taken to the Shelter to potentially be murdered???

Oh by the by she's a Christian.



Seems she's now gotten another Dog...funny that huh?

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